All About Beetles: Colorado Potato Beetle (18 Pics)

#13 It is important to remember that planted potato plantations, leaves and flowers of the plant remain the main food base for this beetle.

That is why the habitat of an insect belonging to the class of pests depends entirely on the distribution of a culture that has a high nutritional value and is actively cultivated on a private and industrial scale.

#14 Often, eggs of the Colorado potato beetle, bright and oblong, can be found on the back of the leaf plates of various nightshade crops

This is due to the fact that due to the high degree of adaptability, the pest can feed on plants of these varieties, potatoes, and tomatoes, sweet peppers and eggplants are most affected.

#15 Experts say that the greatest harm to crops is caused not by the beetles themselves, but by their voracious larvae that appear in the summer.

The beetle spends the entire winter period in the ground, which provides the possibility of affecting young shoots of potatoes and damaging green spaces in the process of their growth and development, preparation for tying tubers.

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