All About Birds: Chicken, Hen, or Rooster (18 Pics)

#13 During the warmer months, a hen can produce 3 to 7 eggs per week.

Egg production depends on a number of factors:

layer age
species (breed)

#14 Chickens are subdivided by breed, differences in plumage, color of eggs, purpose of breeding.

The main division includes 3 main groups, plus decorative and fighting birds:

Meat and egg;

#15 Egg chickens are distinguished by high egg production.

These representatives of the breed are up to 1.5-2 kg, with a bright red comb, they are mobile and ready to fly at an early age.

Plus, laying hens have a poorly developed planting instinct. Eggs with white shells, about 350 pcs. in a year.

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