All About Birds: Chicken, Hen, or Rooster (18 Pics)

#16 Meat and egg chickens are the most numerous and widespread group in our latitudes.

Productive chickens are popular on both private farms and large production facilities. Representatives of this group are winter-hardy and very unpretentious in food. They have a calm disposition, adapt to the place quickly enough, and are prolific.

The size of these chickens can be different, but more large specimens. Their meat has excellent taste and a delicate texture.

The planting instinct is highly developed, so 2-3 broods of chickens are obtained per year.

Egg resistance from 150-280 eggs per year, shell shade from light brown to dark brown.

#17 Meat chickens are bred for the purpose of obtaining meat.

Such broiler birds, with a powerful build, with loose feathers. They have a very calm disposition, inactive, but grow quickly.

It weighs more than average and reaches 5 kg. Chicken is very tasty, dietary, moderately fatty. Due to their weight and cost, food is a profitable business.

#18 Decorative chickens are beautiful and unusual in appearance.

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