All About Birds: Eagle (18 Pics)

The representative of the order of hawks, a large and majestic bird, is an eagle. Its wingspan reaches almost one and a half meters! This gives the predator great advantages: it tracks down its prey and flies up to it with lightning speed.

In the photo, the eagle is difficult to confuse with anyone else. This image is taken on the logo by various brands. This bird is revered by many peoples and is considered the most powerful of the existing ones.

#1 It is noteworthy that eagles are different, so let’s highlight some common features of representatives of this family:

Females are much bigger than males.

The growth of adults can reach one meter.

Weight from 3 to 7 kg (excluding dwarf varieties).

Strong long legs.

Massive and muscular torso.

Due to the small mobility of the eyeballs, the bird has a well-developed neck.

Long and sharp claws.

Strong curved beak.

A distinctive feature of the bird is the growing beak, which grinds (like the claws) in the process of life.

Long strong wings.

The eagle can fly upwards of more than 700 meters.

Short tail.

Extremely keen vision: even from the maximum height, the bird hunts down small prey, such as snakes.

Poorly developed sense of smell.

Peripheral vision up to 12 sq. meters.

The color differs depending on the species. It can be variegated or monochromatic.

Ability to develop tremendous speed (320 km / h).

The average individual lives for about 30 years. Large individuals can live up to 45.

#2 They are monogamous birds that live their whole life with one partner. They prefer to live in pairs.

#3 Eagles are birds of prey.

In search of prey for themselves and their cubs, they are ready to circle in the air for hours, looking for prey.

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