All About Birds: Owls (17 Pics)

These birds lead an unusual way of life. Most of the owls are awake at night, their number allows you to meet them in any corner of the planet, and the similarity with parrots only adds specificity. Currently, ornithologists have recorded two hundred and twenty species of these birds.

#1 These birds are considered one of the most ancient.

According to research by ornithologists, owls originally lived in the territory of modern North America. The first prototype of the owl is a bird that lives in the Mesozoic (250 million years BC).

#2 Despite the fact that owls are classified as predators, they have nothing to do with them.

Medieval legends say that owls are mystical creatures that see past and future.

#3 In modern perception, an owl is a wise bird.

Owls are mentioned in the Bible, on the bas-reliefs of Babylon.

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