All About Birds: Owls (17 Pics)

#16 Owls hear about fifty times better than humans.

The similarity with parrots appeared due to the fact that the beak of an owl is very similar to the beak of a parrot.

Owls are lazy, do not like to waste time and energy on building nests, and therefore are often occupied by strangers. In some cases, eggs are laid directly in the earthen pits and depressions. The typical number of eggs at a time: 4-10 eggs.

#17 Undoubtedly one of the most famous features of owls is their neck, which is able to rotate 270 degrees.

As mentioned above, some representatives of owls are migratory individuals, while others are sedentary, settling in pairs or small groups.

The most active period during the day is night. During the day they nest, rest and sleep. White owls are an exception. They are active at any time of the day on a polar day.

Owls are monogamous and, forming a couple, spend their entire life with a single partner. However, owls do not have any courtship period that occurs in other bird species.

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