All About Birds: Pigeon (17 Pics)

#16 What do domestic pigeons eat?

These birds are not predators, therefore they prefer such food as grain, bread, berries, and fruits of trees.

Looking at the photo of a pigeon, you can see that its beak is blunt and of medium length. The special structure of the beak easily allows it to peck food from any surface.

The main diet of the bird is plant food, insects very rarely appear on the menu and only if there is no other food.

The pigeon is known for its gluttony. The bird spends most of the daylight hours in search of food. With the help of complementary foods, the bird is easy to tame and train.

#17 The female preparing to lay eggs becomes lethargic and spends more and more time in the nest. This may mean that eggs will appear in the nest in a few days.

Both parents are puzzled by the construction of housing for the chicks, as well as the care of the hatched chicks. The male's task is to deliver materials for the construction of the nest, and the female is to arrange it.

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