All About Birds: Sparrow (20 Pics)

The sparrow is the most common type of bird. People are so accustomed to the existence of these birds that no one pays attention to them for a long time. They can be found everywhere: on the street, in the park, on the roof, wires, and trees.

Their habitual places are the main habitat for these birds. So, let’s take a closer look at the description of the sparrow bird.

In nature, you can find a huge variety of different birds that look like sparrows, but this does not mean that they all belong to this family.

#1 The appearance of a sparrow bird is familiar to everyone.

The bird is small in size, brown, gray in color with dark blotches. The feathered chest and neck are different from the main color, but can also be gray and brown.

#2 The sparrow’s beak is dark and rather massive, the tail is short.

The average length of a bird is 15 centimeters, and its body weight rarely exceeds 40 grams.

#3 If you look at the photo of a sparrow bird, it can be noted that males have visible differences from individuals of the opposite [email protected]

They are much larger than females, and males have characteristic languid spots on the breast.

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