All About Insects: Bumblebee (18 Pics)

#10 We learned where bumblebees live and how responsibilities are divided in the family. Next, let’s talk about what is included in the diet and how they reproduce.

This amazing insect eats any nectar. Eats all day.

But, he certainly takes time to bring food for the uterus. The juice is drunk from different plants because they do not give preference only to bright colors.

#11 While collecting nectar, bumblebees distribute plant seeds.

So, for example, they love clover, which reproduces thanks to the legs of these large insects.

#12 Bumblebees breed with eggs.

After wintering and fertilization, the queen flies out of the nest. During this period, she eats a lot and is looking for a place where the laying will be made.

After the preparation of the honeycomb, ennobling them with wax and nectar, the laying of eggs begins. The queens keep track of how the larvae hatch.

All family members actively deliver food during this period. A month later, the old female dies, she is replaced by a young one.

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