All About Insects: Hornets (15 Pics)

#10 Such a well-coordinated reproduction mechanism allows you to select only strong, healthy individuals that can breed strong offspring.

#11 After the adults survive the winter, they establish their own nests with the onset of spring.

Females look for safe places for themselves inside trees or in wooden buildings. The building material for the nest is recycled wood and crust.

After processing wood with hornets, a material appears that resembles thin papyrus. Further creation of the nest occurs from this substance.

Its shape can be round or oval. Attachment takes place with the help of insect salivary fluid. After drying, it hardens and serves as "cement".

#12 These insects are hard to endure the winter; before the onset of cold weather, careful preparation is carried out.

Hornets arrange nests deep in shelters, after which the uterus goes into hibernation.

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