All About Manchester Terrier

You have to know how to take him, but if you have experience with dogs and the appropriate instinct, you will find a loyal and loving companion in the Manchester Terrier.


The Manchester Terrier

His family is everything to him. He always wants to be near her and needs constant attention. If he doesn’t get enough attention, he draws attention to this situation by barking persistently – until someone takes pity on him to go outside or play. It has a lot of energy that needs to be dissipated somehow. The Manchester Terrier behaves shy to dismissive towards strangers.

In return, he makes an excellent watchdog who bravely braves the greatest danger in order to defend his family. He must therefore be protected from his own courage on walks. Because the Manchester Terrier sometimes starts to defend himself when none is needed at all. Caution is also required with smaller animals, which he prefers to hunt. In an emergency, it is better to walk on a leash.

He shows great patience towards children and is an enthusiastic playmate for them. However, you need to be patient with your upbringing. He learns very quickly to implement orders – but only if they do not contradict his independence and stubbornness. The big difficulty is staying steadfast in training and getting your stubbornness under control.

Breed Characteristics

The Manchester Terrier is between 38 and 41 centimeters tall and weighs between 8 and 10 kilograms. He has short, smooth black and tan fur.

Important Care

Because he sheds some hair, the Manchester Terrier should be brushed daily.

The History of the Manchester Terrier

The Manchester Terrier – named after the city of the same name – has been known since the 17th century and is one of the oldest terrier breeds. He was bred as a companion dog and as a rat hunter.

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