American Cocker Spaniel: Breed Information

American breeders did a good job and significantly changed the exterior of the cocker spaniel. They are distinguished from their English ancestors by the shape of the head, which is characterized by a short muzzle and a more noticeable transition of the forehead. The eyes of the American cocker are much more expressive and larger, which makes them look like aliens.

American Cocker Spaniel Appearance

Although miniature cockers are practically not used for hunting today, they retained a strong skeleton and developed muscles. They are quite fast, strong and hardy, which is confirmed by their love for long and active walks in the fresh air.

Maximum Height

Short cockers grow to a maximum of 40 cm at the withers of a male and 37 cm of a female. Deviations from the standard are possible only within 1 cm up or down.


The normal weight is considered to be 13 kg, however, fluctuations in the range of 10-15 kg are permissible. The main thing is that the dog maintains proportions, not too stocky or, on the contrary, long.

Coat Color

The color scheme of American cockers is quite varied. There are black, red, light beige and coffee colors interspersed and tan. The markings should be located in strictly defined places and should not exceed 10% of the body surface. White stars on the chest are acceptable for black dogs. White spots on other parts of the body are a disqualification mark.


The coat, as well as the size, is the hallmark of the “Americans”. They have it long, thick, and slightly wavy at the ends. A good and thick undercoat does not allow the dog to freeze in winter and suffer from the heat in summer.

Ears, Tail

The ears are long and drooping. Set at eye level, densely covered with hair, not cropped. The tail can be clipped in childhood, very flexible, continues the line of the back.

American Cocker Spaniel Puppy: Characteristics

The optimal age at which a puppy can be taken to a new home is considered to be from 6 to 10 weeks. Those who want to get a friend at home need to choose female puppies, while males are preferable to use for shows and competitions.

Important! It is not worth buying an already adult dog. A dog that is too attached to another person will experience extreme stress and will not be able to fully socialize in a new family.


Newborn puppies are very small and fragile, their height does not exceed 10cm. By the month, their size doubles, and by six months they already reach the size of an adult dog.


At birth, American Cocker puppies weigh from 250 to 300g. Further weight gain depends on the quality of food and the number of feedings. Two-month-old babies should be fed 5 times a day, while two feedings are enough for an adult dog.

Color, Coat

Almost all puppies are born with short and straight hair, so it is difficult to determine if they will look like their parents in the future. Deep changes in appearance are observed at the age of 7-12 months when the coat grows and thickens rapidly. The color may vary slightly, spots and tan marks appear.

Ears, Tail

Ears from birth are long and drooping, densely covered with hair. The puppies’ tail is long, at the request of the breeder, it can be docked 4-5 days after the birth of the dog.

The life expectancy of American cockers does not exceed 15 years. The timing and quality are influenced by hereditary diseases, conditions of detention, and nutrition. Active and socialized dogs, which are given due attention, can live to a respectable old age without causing much trouble for the owners.

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