Austrian Black and Tan Hound: Dog Breed Information

The Austrian hound is a hunting dog. Only on the hunt does this dog truly reveal its emotions and instincts. At home, the hound is an ordinary calm, affectionate, quiet peaceful dog, but it is worth taking it out into the street, and the activity of the hound will increase several times. This dog has such a trait in its character as pugnaciousness; on a walk, an innocent fellow can fall under the hot paw of an Austrian hound. The Austrian hound has such strong qualities as a sharp scent, the ability to jump very high (this makes it possible to hunt in the mountains), perseverance, good orientation in the terrain, and the absence of fear. This dog is not just graceful, beautiful, and smart, its body is as chiseled as it is, there is nothing superfluous, its movements are smooth and very precise.

If you are an avid hunter, then the Austrian hound will become for you simply an irreplaceable reliable companion and assistant.


Country of origin: Austria

Height: 48-56 cm

Weight: 15-22 kg

Age: 12-14 years old

Brief information

Another name for the breed is Austrian Brandlbracke or Austrian Smooth-Coated Hound;

Good-natured and affectionate animals;

Quite a rare breed.


The Austrian Hound is a dog breed from Austria that is rarely found outside its homeland. It came, in all likelihood, from Tyrolean marriages, outwardly they are even somewhat similar. And those, in turn, are the descendants of even more ancient dogs – the Celtic marriages.

Be that as it may, the Austrian Hound is an amazing breed. It differs from other hounds in color: according to the standard, the coat must be black and tan, no white spots are allowed.

But by its nature and working qualities, the Austrian Hound is a real hound. Light skeleton, medium height, and excellent endurance make this dog indispensable for hunting in the highlands. She walks both big and small animals and even games.

Sensitive and attentive marriages easily find a common language with people. They are loyal to their family and master, who is considered the leader of the pack. Representatives of the breed are quite loyal to children, they will obey a child of senior school age. Other animals are not badly treated by Brandlbracke, not all representatives of this breed strive for leadership, therefore they are often able to get along in the same house, even with a cat.

As you would expect, Austrian Hounds are very active dogs! Nothing brings Austrian Brandlbracke more pleasure than running kilometers, covering distances, playing sports with the owner. That is why it is recommended to get such a dog for active people who are ready to spend a lot of time outdoors and in nature.

Austrian Brandlbracke is considered to be quite obedient and attentive. Therefore, raising a representative of this breed is a sheer pleasure for the owner. Despite the fact that puppies learn quickly, the dog needs to be trained regularly, then there will definitely not be any problems with its behavior.

It is worth noting that Austrian Black and Tan Hounds, although they seem aristocratic and gentle, easily adapt to temperature changes and new surroundings. Especially if the beloved owner is nearby.


The short, sleek coat of the Austrian Hound does not require much maintenance, even during the shedding period. However, this does not mean that the dog does not need to be looked after. Loose hairs should be removed weekly with a comb or damp towel, and during shedding, the procedure should be carried out more often – at least a couple of times a week.

Conditions of Keeping the Dog

It is easy to guess that the Austrian hound is not a dog for the city. She needs a huge space for sports. Therefore, a private house with a large yard and the ability to go out into the park or the forest is a necessity, not a whim.

Interestingly, in their homeland, these dogs are rarely companions even now. The owners of the breed – most often hunters – keep the working qualities of their pets and improve them.

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