Austrian Black and Tan Hound: Everything You Need to Know

If you are an avid hunter and need a loyal assistant, then this brave and reliable companion of Austrian origin is ideal for you. They began to breed Brandlbrackes in the 19th century, their ancestor is the Tyrolean Hound, which, in turn, descended from the Celtic hounds. Also, one of the closest relatives of this dog is the Slovak working dogs: they are surprisingly similar in appearance.

The breed is distributed mainly in Austria and neighboring Germany. In the homeland, the Brandlbracke is also called the Smooth-haired Austrian Hound and the Black and Tan Austrian Hound. The Brandlbracke is a very beautiful and strong dog, there is nothing superfluous in it: the body is as if chiseled, and the movements are free and smooth. The height at the withers in these dogs is from 46 to 59 cm, the weight is from 15 to 23 kg. Characteristic features of the breed are elongated flat hanging ears (which hang down almost to the nose), small frontally set oval eyes, deep chest, saber tail of medium length, set slightly below the level of the back. Dense, short, dense coat is almost always black and tan, white markings are allowed (but not very desirable). In care, the Austrian hound is unpretentious – often you do not need to wash it (so as not to damage the protective fat layer), but you just need to regularly clean the wool with a special stiff brush. The strong qualities of the Australian hound include a keen sense of smell, tremendous tenacity, excellent jumping ability (therefore, you can hunt with it even in the mountains), lack of fear, good orientation in the terrain, incredible prey, and at the same time the unique ability to follow the trail without making a sound. The Brandlbracke can be used both for baiting and for working on the blood trail of the shot game – it will cope with both tasks equally well. Of course, the Brandlbracke is a hunting dog by nature, only on the hunt does it really reveal itself and give free rein to its emotions and instincts. At home, in “peaceful”, not hunting time, the Australian hound is a rather calm, obedient, and peaceful creature, but on the street, its activity increases dramatically. By nature, she is quite pugnacious, and during a walk she can, for no reason at all, attack her innocent brother.

This dog, like all hunting dogs, needs daily exercise and training “hunting” games – hide something from him and see with what passion he will rush to look for it! In addition, the Brandlbracke is a sociable dog and will gladly communicate with you and your guests and babysit naughty children, but in return, it will also demand affection and attention from you – do not deny him this.

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Written by Alice White

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