Bavarian Mountain Hound: Everything You Need to Know

The Bavarian mountain hound was bred in Germany in the second half of the 19th century. Its “main” progenitors are considered the Tyrolean hound and the Hanoverian hound on the blood trail. By the way, the Bavarian mountain hound quickly bypassed the Hanoverian hound in its working qualities: in contrast to it, the lighter Bavarian hound is better adapted for hunting in difficult terrain, moreover, it is much more enduring, more energetic, and has a better sense of smell. Bavarian hounds became the favorites of German rangers and hunters because these dogs were ideal for hunting big game (primarily deer and roe deer) in difficult mountainous terrain. Today this dog is often used for hunting wild boar.

The Bavarian mountain hound is a fearless and reckless hunter who unleashes all his hunting passion in pursuit of the game. This dog does not need hunter’s hints and does everything, focusing solely on its intuition, which rarely lets it down. She always goes ahead of the person, but at the same time, she never loses sight of the owner and works closely with him. The energetic, lively, and fast-paced Bavarian Hound works mainly on the blood trail, but it can take the trail even a few hours after the beast has run. During the First and Second World Wars, this breed, like many others, was almost destroyed, and then revived again. But the number of these dogs in the world is still small. Bavarian mountain hounds, in addition to their homeland, are also popular in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. In Germany, only a professional hunter or hunter has the right to purchase a Bavarian mountain hound puppy – after all, this talented and courageous dog is not intended to lead a domestic lifestyle; what will make her truly happy is hunting. But the talents of this dog are not limited to hunting alone: ​​it also regularly serves in the police and the rescue service. The Bavarian Mountain Hound is a medium-sized dog with well-developed muscles, an elongated body, a strong back, and limbs. Height at the withers in these dogs ranges from 44 to 52 cm, weight – 18-28 kg. The Bavarian mountain hound has an elongated head with a wide muzzle; hanging ears set high; saber tail, set on high, of medium length. The eyes of this Bavarian hunter can be dark or light brown. The Bavarian Mountain Hound is a short-haired dog with a shiny, thick coat that fits tightly to the body; on the head and ears, the coat is thinner and shorter than on the belly, limbs, and tail. Acceptable color options for the Bavarian Mountain Hound are various shades of red (from pale yellow to reddish-brown or reddish-gray) and brindle. On the face of the Bavarian Mountain Hound, as a rule, a dark mask, and on the back color of a darker shade than on the entire body of the dog. The ears and tail of the Bavarian Mountain Hound are usually dark in color. On the chest, the standard allows for small light markings. Black and tan color is considered defective. At home, the Bavarian mountain hound is a balanced, affectionate, and benevolent person. She is very attached to her master and is ready to do whatever he wants for him. But when training this hound, you will have to show remarkable patience, so it is advisable that the owner of the Bavarian Mountain Hound was an experienced dog breeder. While walking with the Bavarian Hound, be prepared for the fact that your pet will constantly show its hunting instincts: to investigate, sniff out and even chase after some innocent cat or bird. To make your pet behave intelligently on walks, from childhood teach her the skills of dog etiquette and make it clear what is good and what is bad. These dogs, as a rule, have good health, they are unpretentious and can be kept both in urban conditions and outside the city. If the Bavarian mountain hound is kept in a country house, then it will be better and more comfortable for your pet if it lives not in the yard, but indoors. The Bavarian Mountain Hound, like all hunting dogs, requires regular exercise and training to stay in good shape at all times.

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