Beauceron: Temperament

Representatives of the breed are not suitable for people who are acquiring a dog for the first time and do not yet have experience in raising. Energetic animals, prone to domination and the manifestation of independence, need a demanding, self-confident, energetic owner capable of providing the animal with an active life. For example, take your dog on a hike, bike ride, or jog.

The Beaucerons are bred as herding dogs, their instinct is manifested throughout life towards herd animals if the dog is used as a working dog. The dog often shows herding instinct in relation to children. The animal will try to push the child, gather the children into the herd. The breed likes to control everyone around.

Timely training, strictness, and confidence of the owner, his unshakable authority in front of the dog allow you to grow a loyal guard dog that can protect you from intruders and warn of danger. Animals are suspicious of strangers, show alertness and vigilance. In case of danger, they show courage and determination.

Beaucerons are inclined to defend their territory and everyone who is on it in case of danger. At such moments, the dog can show aggression, which is difficult for an unprepared owner to control. The formation of a friendly Beauceron temperament, the upbringing of a loyal and obedient companion depends on early socialization and rigorous, timely training. Without proper upbringing, the Beauceron will grow up to be a stubborn and rebellious dog, constantly claiming leadership in the family, which he will consider his pack.

Early socialization will allow the Beauceron to establish contact with other animals without showing aggression. Friendships usually don’t work out in adulthood due to dominance and territorial instinct. Animals are intolerant of strangers on their territory. A good relationship develops if the Beauceron grew up with other pets. Sociability, as a temperament trait, Beaucerons show only with those whom they know well. Representatives of the breed do not get along with most pets, they tend to chase cats.

In relation to the owner and family members, the Beauceron is gentle, affectionate, tolerant of children, but dogs and small children cannot be left alone. He gladly participates in the affairs of the owner, loves joint games. He quickly understands the desires of his master and seeks to please. This trait should be used while the dog is still young. Learning should start at a very early age. Already from 8 weeks of age, it is necessary to master basic skills and commands. The Beauceron has good prospects in sports. With regular exercise, they can excel at flyball, swimming, or other active sports. Training allows you to stimulate the mental activity of the animal and waste energy.

Animals are smart, they quickly assimilate the information received and therefore learn quickly. But the learning process should not stop throughout the life of the pet.

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