Best Nordic Dog Names

Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Danish dog names for males and females have a nice sound. Arctic dog names are particularly often used for four-legged friends with a Nordic origin. Many of the animal names chosen have a special meaning.

If you are looking for Nordic dog names and their meanings, we will tell you more about the appropriate names for female and male animals.

Names for Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish Dog Breeds

Tip: The suggested names go particularly well with a dog breed from Denmark, Finland, Norway, or Sweden. So, under the suggested names, you’ll find great suggestions for

  • Husky
  • Norwegian Lundehund
  • Keeshond
  • Eurasier

Below you will find an overview of the five most beautiful names for males and dog names for females and their meanings:


Aili is suitable for female animals and means “the radiant one”.


Bua is a great name for females which translates as “life”.


Dagna is often used for female fur noses and denotes the “day”.


Eija means “sunny disposition” and is suitable for a female


Gry is one of the names for animal ladies and means “sunrise”.


Ilari is a nice name for a male, which means “the cheerful one”.


Jari means “peacemaker” and is used for male companions.


Taavi is one of the names for a dog man and names “the lover”.


Toivo means “hope” and is one of the names for males.


Vegard means “protection” and is a great name for a dog man.

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