Black Pekingese: Is It True?

Pekingese is one of the most ancient and mysterious dog breeds. During its existence, their color has undergone significant changes. To date, the approved breed standards allow you to have almost any coat color. Only completely snow-white color and liver are disqualifying.

Pekingese with Black Coat – Defect or Breed?

Black Pekingese dog

Black Pekingese fall under the breed standard. This color is quite common among representatives of this breed of dogs. However, it is almost impossible to find a pure black color. Usually, charcoal-colored dogs have white patches on the chest, tips of the paws, or even the belly.

Important! Experts note that among their relatives, it is black dogs that most of all have a proud posture and a majestic appearance. It is these pets that have their own opinion on everything and are quite headstrong.

In any case, the black Pekingese is a bright representative of the breed. Such animals participate in an exhibition career and win high titles, and also take part in the selection. It is difficult to predict during mating how the puppies will turn out in a couple, even if the male and female are both charcoal. But there is a high probability of getting the same black-haired puppies as their parents.

Black Pekingese Dog

Coal Pekingese are willful in nature. From the first days in the apartment, such an animal must be taught to realize that the owner is the main one here. Do not follow her lead, otherwise, she will become virtually uncontrollable.

Important! In most cases, black Pekingese are very calm and perceive the world around them from the height of their greatness and centuries-old history. At the same time, small dogs are very courageous, they can rush to attack an enemy many times larger than them.

Most of the breeds in this color have small white spots on the coat. Some animals have small tan markings on their paws or muzzle. However, they should not be too obvious, while the nose must be colored with black pigment.

Such pets are often attached to their owner and get used to the rhythm of a life well, becoming real companions. They are great as pets for single people or families of adults. For families with small children, Pekingese are not suitable as pets.

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