Bombay: Cat Breed Characteristics

The Bombay cat is a graceful and extremely affectionate pet with an appearance effect. She can become a real home decoration.


The Bombay cat should always be in the spotlight, take part in any business. She loves to be held in her arms and stroked on the head. Loneliness because of this does not endure. This animal loves all family members but considers only one person to be the real owner.

We can say that Bombay serves a person like a dog, and will always be a loving and devoted pet who will be responsible for his mood. By nature, Bombay cats are very obedient, careful, and attentive. They highly value the authority of the owner and will never anger him.

These cats are easy to socialize with and will always find a common language with other pets in the house. And because of the nature of the leader and the desire to dominate, they do not retreat either in front of an aggressive yard cat or a large dog, although they do not like conflicts. New pets appeared in the house after the bombing, but they will have to follow the rules already established by them.

These cats communicate well with children: the Bombay will play with them with curiosity, if the child disperses in earnest, they will simply step aside, not responding with aggression to rude actions.

Bombes feel comfortable in the presence of strangers: they will welcome each guest benevolently, but if they feel negative reactions or aggression, they will immediately be alert.


Bombay cats are very mobile and usually in good physical shape. At the same time, they are indifferent to walks, preferring to them a warm and cozy master’s bed or their own bedding. To provide the pet with the necessary physical activity, you can buy a cat’s labyrinth for him, set a special house high enough to jump, and fix hanging toys. It is desirable that the owner himself sometimes take part in the game: this is an activity enhancer and will give additional communication.

The Bombay cat has no sense of proportion in food, so food intake should be carefully monitored and not overfeed the pet. It is enough to feed an adult cat twice a day.

Caring for the Bombay’s coat is minimal: you just need to comb it several times in a special week with a rubber glove – this pet will only be glad.

Representatives of this breed can often have watery eyes, so they must be carefully followed and washed with tea or a special liquid on the advice of a veterinarian.

Conditions of detention

The sleeping place of the Bombay cat should be in a secluded place so that it feels completely safe. The litter should be quite large, as these animals prefer to sleep not curled up, but stretched out to their full length. In this case, a cat next to a woman is a woman who is in this position.

Bombays are active cats, so they will not be bored alone, they need to be provided with appropriate conditions: in this case, they will not entertain themselves with the first thing that falls under their paw.

Representatives of this breed are very fond of warmth, which is why it is necessary to monitor the temperature regime in the apartment and, so that the animal does not catch a cold, does not allow drafts.

How to choose a kitten

The Bombay cat is a rather rare breed, we do not have a large number of reputable breeders and catteries with a good reputation. And look for a pet, of course, is only here if you want to be sure that you are looking not just a yard black cat.

In addition to the official documents of the parents, the conditions for keeping babies are important. Kittens should have a good appetite, the desire to make contact with people, play with brothers and sisters. A good breeder will not give a Bombay kitten under 12-16 weeks old to new owners, although the reserve, of course, comes in advance.

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