Borreliosis and Encephalitis

Summer is the time when terrible animals called ticks go hunting. Both people and animals can become their victims. And the consequences are not at all harmless. Today we will tell you a lot of interesting facts about these parasites – maybe they will help you not to get caught in their hairy paws.

Ticks carry many different infections. The most famous of them are borreliosis and, of course, encephalitis. There is also rickettsiosis, babesiosis, and many other nasty diseases. As soon as the small creature has bitten you, you are already infected. After all, all causative agents of sores are in her saliva. Of course, not every tick carries some kind of disease. Just like not every person is a carrier of AIDS and similar venereal flowers. But there is always a risk of getting sick.

The most famous and terrible disease that a tick can give you is encephalitis. If you are a lucky person, you will simply be scared, if you are moderately lucky, you will die. But most likely you will become an infirm paralytic – usually, the hands of the victims of encephalitis ticks are taken away and this is not curable. You also have a chance to remain deaf or blind.

Terrible borreliosis. At first, you will not worry about a slight rise in temperature and some red rings around the site of the parasite bite. Further, paralysis – how can it be without it. Only this time your face will refuse to serve you. Your joints will hurt, and so that you will not be able to move.

Also, problems with the heart muscle, hearing, and eyes will begin. Also, your skin will become bluish and incredibly thin … In short, the consequences are sad. Not as scary as we described in our article When the body dissolves, but still, nothing good …

To protect yourself at least a little, vaccinate against parasites, and in advance – in February. The injections will have to be received in three stages. If you have had encephalitis, then you have lifelong immunity. But no vaccinations will save you from borreliosis, and regardless of whether you were sick with it or not, you can still get infected.

When bitten, the very first thing to do is remove the parasite from your body. This should be done with oil or a loop made from thread. And if an inaccurate removal left the head of the creature under the skin, take it out with a calcined needle.

Next, we place the tick in a container and take it to the hospital to take for analysis. And even if the parasite is the carrier of the infection, this does not mean that you have become infected. In this case, usually, you are crammed with all kinds of pills – in order to play it safe. In ten days you will have to pass all sorts of tests – if the disease is detected at the initial stage, then there is every chance of being cured without consequences.

Ticks do not jump on their victims, they usually crawl onto them from grass and bushes – parasites do not live at high altitudes. Also, the diseases that you contracted from them are not transmitted by airborne droplets. But a nursing mother can infect a baby through milk. The most unpleasant thing for lovers of warm milk is that a lactating goat and a cow can infect you in the same way if the milk is not boiled before drinking.

Less dangerous infections that come along with ticks cannot be detected in many hospitals. But if you have had a fever for a couple of months, there is constant pain in the body, and constant diarrhea from the body – in this case, we advise you to find an experienced infectious disease specialist. Although other infections are not as dangerous as borreliosis or encephalitis, there is still little pleasant in them.

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