Boston Terrier: Dog Breed Information

Boston Terriers are incredibly kind dogs that are alien to rancor. They love to walk, play ball, communicate with the owner. Thanks to their cheerful disposition and friendliness, they immediately become universal favorites of the whole family and never cease to delight the owners.


Boston Terriers are medium-sized, but very strong dogs with well-developed muscles. The maximum height at the withers of these dogs is 43 cm, and the weight is 11 kg.

The body of the Boston Terrier is sturdy and square. The chest is wide and deep, the back is short, the croup is slightly rounded, the limbs are muscular and strong, the legs are round and compact. The head is square, the forehead is flat, the transition from the forehead to the nose is clearly defined, the muzzle is short and wide, square in shape. The jaws are wide and square; when the mouth is closed, the teeth are not visible. The nose is large, flattened, color: black.

The eyes are large, round, dark. The ears are small, erect, set high, can be docked or remain in their natural shape. The tail is short, straight, or with kinks, does not rise above the level of the back, set low.

The coat is short, thin, smooth. Color: brindle, seal, or black with white markings. The muzzle, the gap between the eyes and the chest must be white.


Boston Terriers always carry themselves with dignity and show good manners. They were even nicknamed “American Gentlemen”.

Boston Terriers don’t like to bark. They are always on the alert, but not aggressive. They perfectly interact with children and find a common language with other pets. However, due to natural independence and stubbornness, the Boston Terrier may begin to show character in front of another dog. But such cases are rare.

Because of his natural stubbornness, Terrier training can be challenging.

These dogs need to be brought up from early childhood, and then they selflessly and with interest fulfill the commands of the owner and family members. However, training must be consistent and friendly. The Boston Terrier is a sensitive person. He takes punishment extremely hard and gets very upset from severe reprimands.

The Boston Terrier is a very affectionate and friendly companion dog and at the same time an excellent watchdog.


In general, the breed is hardy and unpretentious, characterized by good health. However, dogs are prone to allergic reactions, sinus inflammation, and flatulence.

Due to the specific structure of the muzzle, Terriers often snore. They also have very large eyes, which are often injured and need careful care. In cold weather, dogs should be taken for a walk only in special clothing and shoes.

The key to the health of Boston Terriers is proper nutrition. Excess weight significantly undermines the health of Bostons, therefore, the diet for them must be very careful.
Boston Terriers are long-lived. Their average life expectancy is 15 years.


The Boston Terrier is not adapted for outdoor life. He needs a warm home. The berth should be equipped with a soft lounger where there is no draft. The dog will be uncomfortable living in a passable place. Also, a certain discomfort is created by too small a lounger. This must be borne in mind when choosing a place in the house for a new pet.

The dog’s coat does not require any special care. Molting is unnoticeable. It is advisable to periodically comb the dog with a stiff brush, ridding it of dead hairs on the body.

The Boston Terrier is a very unpretentious dog. All care is to monitor the condition of the nails, teeth, and ears. As the claws grow, they should be trimmed. Clean your ears and teeth only when necessary. If the white spots on the dog’s body seem dirty, then the pet should be bathed. Doing this is not recommended more than 1-2 times a week.

An active Boston Terrier loves to walk. It is advisable to spend time with him in dynamic games and training. Unlike other active breeds, the Boston Terrier will only feel good about walking twice a day for half an hour or more. The rest of the time you can spend with your dog at home.

Boston Terrier is sensitive to temperature changes. He does not like both intense heat and frost. In the strong winter cold, you need to shorten the time of walking, make them more active, use special overalls and shoes to warm the pet.


The breed was bred in Boston in 1870. The ancestors of the Boston Terriers were Bull Terriers, Bulldogs, French Bulldogs. In 1871, the breed was first presented at a dog show in Boston, and in 1891 a club of breed lovers was founded in the USA.

Today, Boston Terriers have many fans all over the world.

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