Breed Review: Affenpinscher (17 Pics)

#7 In communication with the owner, Affenpinscher puts on the mask of a fine-looking gamer who is ready to do anything to please an older friend.

At the same time, the breed does not know how to impose and toady. For example, if you let your pet understand that you are not ready to participate in his projects, affen will not beg for attention, but will quietly step aside and come up with new entertainment. In addition, Affenpinschers are avid travelers, ready to accompany a person both in the back seat of a car and in a bicycle basket. Breeders joke that with the breed you can save on buying car alarms - Affen will not miss a single living soul that comes even a meter closer to the car.

#8 Watching the active games of Affenpinscher and the manic tenacity with which he gets other pets, it begins to seem that the animal is a small “ghost with a motor”, whose energy cannot be tamed.

In fact, the dog's activity is easily adjusted. Moreover, for the company with the owner Affenpinscher is not averse to lying down or being distracted by watching the series. The main thing is that passive rest does not dominate active pastime - Affenpinscher will never subscribe to aimless laziness.

#9 Affenpinscher is an incredibly charming creature, and almost as stubborn and disorganized.

It is difficult to imagine, but if you do not engage in raising a pet, then affen is able to thoroughly spoil the life of the owner, and for the company and others. As soon as a tiny cosmetic shows up in the house, start socializing him and accustoms him to the fact that in the world, in addition to treats, affection, and games, there are also requirements and prohibitions.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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