Breed Review: Afghan Hound (19 Pics)

#10 Among lovers of the breed, its representatives have a reputation for stubbornness, and there is some truth in this.

Afghan hounds are not at all stupid and learn new material once or twice while getting them to follow the command is very difficult. However, it is wrong to blame only the animals themselves. The Afghan Hound is a breed that was originally created not for the execution of orders, but for the corral of game. Accordingly, no one obliged the ancestors of today's dogs to ask the owner's permission before attacking the beast.

#11 And yet it is necessary to train the Afghan hound at least for its own safety.

Usually, dog handlers recommend going with the animal OKD, the basic set of commands of which the city dog is enough for the eyes. At the baiting stations "Afghans" have recently been infrequent guests: caring for a dog's coat is not so cheap as to sacrifice its cleanliness on a hunt with a light heart. However, it is always interesting and quite realistic to practice ejecting (walking on a leash in a group of other greyhounds) with a representative of this breed.

#12 If you have a show class Afghan hound

you will also have to comprehend the intricacies of her training to the exhibition stand, which should be done at a slow pace with the alternate use of the command "Stop!" and praise "Good!". While the desired position is being formed, the animal needs to be encouraged and stimulated more often. Keep in mind that a young dog must like the way you control his body, otherwise, he will interrupt his studies and go about his business.

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