Breed Review: Afghan Hound (19 Pics)

#13 The principles of raising an Afghan Hound puppy remain the same as for other breeds.

Do not postpone the process of training and socializing your dog on the back burner, starting to instill norms of behavior in it immediately after moving to a new home. Introduce the baby to the personal area (the place where the bed is), cover the floor with newspapers and diapers in the place where the animal prefers to go to the toilet. In general, do whatever you would do for any other puppy.

#14 The question of ideal housing for Afghan greyhounds still remains unresolved, so while one half of the breeders criticizes the living conditions, the other calmly places the “Afghans” in standard “kopeck piece” and “treshkas”.

However, it should be said that the comfort of a pet living in an apartment largely depends on its temperament. Some greyhounds are comfortable with the lack of free space, provided that they are well-walked. Others, on the contrary, need country apartments with an extensive backyard area, where you can chase rodents or neighboring cats to your heart's content.

#15 Once upon a time, the Afghan Hound was an unpretentious hunting dog that required almost no maintenance.

However, after the breeders bred its decorative variety with a hypertrophied undercoat, the owners' work increased. Do not forget that Afghan hounds do not shed on their own, they need help by combing out dead hairs with a comb and plucking out the undercoat. In addition, a dog's coat that is devoid of natural grease tends to tangle. Therefore, if you do not bother with systematic combing, the animal quickly turns into an untidy "felt boot".

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