Breed Review: Afghan Hound (19 Pics)

#16 The Afghan hound’s coat is combed in layers, starting from the bottom and after preliminary moistening, since dry hair is extremely fragile and highly electrified.

Be sure to work through the tufts of hair between the paws, which often fall off. By the way, “Afghans” treat their feet with trepidation and do not like being touched, so the sooner you start scratching the puppy's paws, the easier it is for you. The tail of the Afghan Hound also needs styling: comb it so that the hair hangs down strictly vertically, forming a straight parting in the upper part of the tail.

#17 Up to one year old, the puppies’ hair grows intensively and practically does not fall out, therefore, the usual brushing with a natural bristle brush is enough for babies about once every 1-2 days.

12-month-old individuals boast a fully formed coat: a parting appears on the head, the awn on the back becomes stiffer and shorter, and the undercoat on the legs and sides is longer. During this period, a trimming knife is added to the existing arsenal of combs and combs for processing the back and sagging areas on the sides of the neck. According to the breed standard, the classic haircut for Afghan greyhounds is contraindicated, but if you shorten the hair under the tail and armpits, where 90% of mats are formed, it will be easier to take care of the dog, and it will look neater (not suitable for show animals).

#18 Too frequent bathing is not good for Afghan hounds, so one bathing day in several months is enough for an ordinary pet.

The animals are washed with diluted veterinary shampoo, after which they apply conditioner to the wool, wipe it with a towel and dry it with a hairdryer. The ears are washed separately, alternately lowering them into a bowl of warm soapy water so that moisture does not get into the ear canal.

An important nuance: do not let the Afghan hound go to bed immediately after the bath, otherwise the wet coat will crumble and lose its airiness. Dry your dog completely first and then let him do what he wants.

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