Breed Review: Airedale Terrier (17 Pics)

Airedale terriers are cheeky merry fellows, harmoniously combining such character traits as independence, gambling, and boundless devotion to the owner. With these bearded “Yorkshires”, both authoritarianism and excessive liberalism will not work. They are ready to recognize the authority of a person only if he respects their desires and at the same time does not allow himself to be manipulated. If the stars converge and in relations with animals you adhere to exactly this tactic of behavior, the airedale is 100% your pet.

#1 The Airedale is a positive, energetic prankster, which is difficult to push into the frame, but with whom it is quite possible to agree on peaceful coexistence.

The pronounced independence of animals, inherited from the terrier clan, can cause certain inconveniences to the owner, so opponents of any difficulties should prefer some spineless decorative creature to the representative of this breed. But you really won't get bored with the airedale, so if you urgently need an active companion with your own views on life in general and on friendship in particular, take a closer look at this bearded “meteor”.

#2 Like its congeners in the group, the Airedale is distinguished by increased “talkativeness” and mischievousness.

The silent and phlegmatic airedale is so out of the ordinary that it makes you think about the mental health of the dog. In the family, the animal behaves adequately, gets along with all the household members, if they show due respect to him and do not encroach on his property (yes, the Airedale does not like to share anything, and especially his own toys). This "Yorkshireman" has good fighting inclinations, but he is not at all a bully or a provocateur. The dog can rush into the attack only to protect the owner, but not for the sake of sports interest.

#3 Airedale Terriers have a noticeable tendency to guard activities.

so if you want to direct the pet's "talkativeness" in the right direction, entrust him to guard the house, and you will be the first to know about the arrival of invited and uninvited guests. The increased sociability of the breed makes it difficult for it to calmly endure loneliness, therefore, taking an Airedale Terrier, knowing in advance that he will have to sit locked up for most of the day, is a frankly disastrous idea. In addition, a bored dog always trades in petty sabotage, and this is fraught with stripped furniture, ripped-off wallpaper, and worn-out shoes.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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