Breed Review: Alaskan Malamute (18 Pics)

#4 The depth of the chest of the northern heavyweight is equal to half of its height at the withers, but its lowest point is located behind the forelegs

If you measure the body from the shoulder-blade joints to the ischial tuberosities, it turns out that its length is greater than the height at the withers. The power and temperament of adult males will amaze even the most sophisticated dog lovers. It will surprise you, but malamutes can be kept in a city apartment as well. But so that he does not behave in a dwelling like an elephant in a china shop, teach him various commands and do not let us dominate. The enormous stubbornness and self-will of these dogs must and can be fought. With a positive result of your efforts, you will get a faithful friend for many years.

#5 Despite the impressive appearance and some flaws in character, Alaskan Malamutes are sincerely attached to their owners, love them, show devotion

They are friendly, playful, and kind. The movements of this breed are smooth, fast, and balanced. The push that the hind limbs give is transmitted, like electricity through wires, to the front limbs through the developed lower back. When viewed from the side, the moment of the push is very clearly visible. The forelegs, in turn, take a wide and smooth stride. Legs moving along the line - this is clearly visible when viewed from both the front and the back - do not step too wide, but not too narrow. As the stride is accelerated, the feet become close to the centerline. Experts recommend: if your pet steps or generally moves in such a way that it interferes with productivity and economy, punish him in order to avoid repeating such mistakes in the future.

#6 Dogs of this breed can not be attributed to lazy and slothful people.

They are perfectly motivated to work, have irrepressible energy, requiring almost constant attention.

Some owners at first expect that after a walk in the fresh air, the dog will get tired and want to sleep. But no. Returning home, he begins to rush around the apartment, "fight" with furniture, and spoil things. Living in a private house does not remove the problem of overly active behavior of the malamute. Having released him into the yard, be prepared for the fact that he will dig a huge pit.

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