Breed Review: Alaskan Malamute (18 Pics)

#10 Nature has endowed the Alaskan Malamute with an excellent memory

In the conditions of the North, it turned out to be very useful, since the dog had to somehow return home through the snow cover. In our climate, such an ability to orientate is not needed, but memory has not gone anywhere, and it should be reckoned with. When training a dog, be gentle with it, without rudeness. Malamutes perfectly remember mistreatment and, on occasion, will remember it to you, they may even take revenge.

#11 Malamutes have fun in a rather peculiar way.

When they get bored with the daily routine, they begin to rush around the apartment, house, or yard, demolishing everything that comes in their way. Broken pots and torn pillows are nothing. It happens even worse: the dog can chew on furniture and tear off the wallpaper, after which you have to spend money on new repairs. Representatives of this breed, as well as huskies, do not like confined space. Their element is a will, so it is better and cheaper to keep your North American pet in a large and spacious aviary, regularly walking in the open air.

#12 Small children or small animals cannot be left alone with the dog in the house.

He is big and loves to dominate, and one careless movement will be enough to injure those who are weaker than him. It is quite funny to watch how malamutes and their closest huskies show their acting skills, "imagining" themselves like cats. They lie down, clutching their paws like a cat, and hunt in the same way - at first, they hide, and then they jump sharply.

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