Breed Review: Alaskan Malamute (18 Pics)

#13 Malamutes are very intelligent and agile, and these qualities are manifested almost from birth.

A puppy of this breed begins to strive for leadership early. In his upbringing, you need to show firmness and consistency, constantly give feasible physical activity, which should be increased as you grow up. You can start training immediately after purchasing a puppy, teaching him to call, simple commands, and, which is also important, neatness.

#14 The socialization of a malamute is an important stage in his life.

A visit to the training site can begin at 4 months of age when the vaccination quarantine ends. In addition to getting used to discipline, a Malamute puppy, communicating with other dogs, will certainly find friends for noisy games. At the same time, you should accustom your pet to extraneous sounds, passing cars, and other irritants. Thus, you will strengthen his nervous system and make the dog's living in the city comfortably. Many owners who plan to settle a dog in a country house sometimes neglect these simple rules. As a result, the socialization of the dog suffers, it feels uncomfortable on the noisy city streets.

#15 One of the distinctive features of the Alaskan Malamute is its thick coat.

Such a "fur coat" allows you to keep dogs in the fresh air all year round, they are not afraid of frost. The coat things significantly only in summer. Regardless of the season, the coat of malamutes needs to be looked after, especially it needs combing out during the molting period.

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