Breed Review: American Bobtail (14 Pics)

#4 A kitten is like a kitten, if not for one “but”: it had a short, like a hare’s tail, bent upwards.

A Siamese cat became his "bride", and in the very first litter, a tailless kitten appeared, which gave rise to the development of the breed. After a while, breeders became interested in short-tailed purrs, and from that moment work began on the breeding of the American Bobtail.

#5 True, there is an opinion that he appeared as a result of mutations in the breeding of ragdolls.

Another version is based on the assumption that the ancestors of the American bobtail could be the Japanese bobtail, the Manx, and even the lynx.

#6 As for the unusually short tail, it must be admitted that this is undeniably the result of a genetic mutation.

The American Bobtail standard was developed in 1970, the breed was recognized in 1989 by the PSA.

American bobtails are bred only in North America, it is almost impossible to get a kitten outside its borders.

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