Breed Review: American Bobtail (14 Pics)

#10 A cat of this breed, like a dog, on command during play, brings a toy or other objects

He gets along well with children, plays with them with pleasure.

If an American Bobtail lives in the house, tenderness, fun fuss, and a wonderful relationship between the pet and family members are guaranteed.

#11 The color of the eyes of the American Bobtail corresponds to the color, the shape is almost almond-shaped or oval, large, slightly slanted.

The coat is dense, stiff, dense, with a significant undercoat.

The tail of the bobtail is quite pubescent, mobile, curved (clearly or not too noticeably), length from 2.5 to 10 cm.

#12 Caring for an American Bobtail is not difficult, but should be permanent.

A short-haired pet is combed out once a week, a semi-long-haired one - three times more often. It is important to bathe the Bobtail regularly, as well as take care of your eyes, ears, teeth, and trim your nails as needed.

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