Breed Review: American Bobtail (14 Pics)

#10 A cat of this breed, like a dog, on command during play, brings a toy or other objects

He gets along well with children, plays with them with pleasure.

If an American Bobtail lives in the house, tenderness, fun fuss, and a wonderful relationship between the pet and family members are guaranteed.

#11 The color of the eyes of the American Bobtail corresponds to the color, the shape is almost almond-shaped or oval, large, slightly slanted.

The coat is dense, stiff, dense, with a significant undercoat.

The tail of the bobtail is quite pubescent, mobile, curved (clearly or not too noticeably), length from 2.5 to 10 cm.

#12 Caring for an American Bobtail is not difficult, but should be permanent.

A short-haired pet is combed out once a week, a semi-long-haired one - three times more often. It is important to bathe the Bobtail regularly, as well as take care of your eyes, ears, teeth, and trim your nails as needed.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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