Breed Review: American Cocker Spaniel (18 Pics)

American Cocker Spaniels are shaggy bunches of positivity that have an amazing ability to please anyone who has spent at least a few minutes in their company. Curious and easy-going, they will without looking back subscribe to any adventure proposed by the owner and will gladly rush into the most incredible journey. At the same time, the “Americans” are quite manageable and, despite their slightly eccentric nature, they are easily trained, so that even an owner who does not have sufficient experience can raise a helpful gentleman from a fluffy fidget.

#1 It is believed that the ancestors of American Cocker Spaniels emigrated to the New World from England along with the first settlers.

For several centuries, animals roamed freely around the continent, until at the end of the 19th century professional breeders paid attention to them. Well, further along, the knurled one: experimental mating, selection of the most successful individuals in the exterior plan - and now at the New Hampshire Dog Show in 1883, the first American cocker shines. The sample presented by the breeders was noticeably smaller and shaggier than its European counterpart, the English Cocker Spaniel, but at the same time retaining most of its hunting qualities.

#2 In 1921, for the “Americans” their own standard of appearance was developed, and in 1946 the overseas spaniels finally separated from their ancestors from Foggy Albion, becoming an independent breed.

The demand for frisky shaggy dogs began to grow only in the late 80s, with the appearance in the USSR of pedigree nurseries that were in charge of breeding and selling American cockers.

#3 American Cocker Spaniels are the smallest hunters among their “colleagues” in the armory group.

They are not much smaller than English cockers (average height - 34.3-34.9 cm), but their muzzles are much shorter. Among other things, the "Americans" have a more glamorous look, which they owe to their satin fur. However, for this beauty, the dogs had to pay with the hunting instinct, which manifests itself in a somewhat subdued form. As for the weight of American Cocker Spaniels, most cynological associations turn a blind eye to this parameter. Both eight and fifteen kilograms are capable of winning a champion title.

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