Breed Review: American Cocker Spaniel (18 Pics)

#4 The American Cocker Spaniel is an affectionate fidget who is ready to follow its own owner even to the ends of the world.

These long-eared "hairs" easily find a common language with cats and other dogs, not to mention the owner, who is a creature of the highest order for the animal. But American cockers do not get along with representatives of the feathered family, periodically encroaching on their life and health (hunting instincts of English ancestors affect). If your pet has not passed the training course and you are not sure of its endurance, it is better to release parrots and other birds in its presence from the cage.

#5 In relations with children, American Cocker Spaniels are quite friendly, but alas, they do not always control themselves.

Carried away by catching up and fighting, dogs can attack babies, slightly biting them. In general, the "Americans" are characterized by some infantilism of character. As the breeders themselves say, this is one of the few hunting breeds, whose representatives, even at a very respectable age, retain their puppy habits.

#6 American cockers are hyperactive, emotional and so dependent on human society that it sometimes turns into a manic attachment.

However, in spite of the successful exploitation of the image of naive simpletons, these glamorous handsome men do not lack tricks, and in order to be convinced of this, the owner just needs to give up the slack and stop raising his ward. Feeling freedom, the cocker will very quickly turn into a charming, but completely uncontrollable bully, who does not recognize any restrictions.

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