Breed Review: American Cocker Spaniel (18 Pics)

#13 Since the American Cocker Spaniel is more of a decorative companion than a hunter, its main habitat remains a house or apartment.

On the street, the animal is taken out mainly to the toilet or for a walk and only after vaccination. In addition, for the first six months, the puppy is not allowed to go down the stairs on its own, so as not to deteriorate the position of the limbs.

#14 You should start caring for your dog with equipment for a separate corner with a couch, toys, bowls for food and water.

It is necessary to place a litter or a puppy's basket in the quietest place in the apartment, where drafts do not reach and where it is not too hot (a place near the heating battery is a frankly unsuccessful option). In the early days, the American Cocker Spaniel will, of course, try to ignore your efforts and settle down in some more comfortable place, for example, on the couch, so you need to keep an eye on him. In no case do not indulge the whims of the baby and do not take him to bed with you, no matter how much he wishes, otherwise, in the future, this cunning guy will sit on your neck.

#15 American Cocker Spaniels love to walk, so you need to take them outside two, or preferably three times a day.

Allow your dog to warm up as you walk by running a race with him. At the same time, you can practice maintaining correct posture. To do this, let your pet walking on a leash pull you forward (you can learn the command "Pull!"). But communication with other dogs, especially stray ones, is best kept to a minimum since cocker spaniels are very susceptible to various kinds of infections.

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