Breed Review: American Shorthair (17 Pics)

#7 Its results became clear by 1930, when, with a relatively small number of generations, it was possible to “enrich” the breed with many remarkable colors.

Among them was silver - a heritage from the Persians. The breeding of American Shorthair cats has played an important role in the lives of their fellow cats. With the participation of these animals, it was possible to create new breeds: Snow Shoo, Bengal, Scottish Fold, Ocicat, Bombay, Devon Rex, Exotic, Maine Coon, etc.

#8 In the middle of the 20th century, CFA members published the first catalog, which included about fifty representatives of the breed.

At the time, she was known as the Domestic Shorthair. Under the same name, animals participated in the 1966 exhibition for the first time. The victory was won by Shawnee Trademark, inheriting the title of "Cat of the Year". At the same time, they decided to rename the breed to reflect its true "American" character and thereby separate it from other short-haired brethren. Despite this, cases of registration of cats under the previous name occurred until 1985.

#9 In 1984, the handsome Mr.H won a similar victory, and in 1996 – Sol-Mer Sharif.

The end of the XX century became significant for the representatives of the breed. For two decades, American short-haired cats have gracefully climbed to the top positions of the rating of the most popular breeds and have chosen a place in the top ten short-haired pets in the United States.

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