Breed Review: American Shorthair (17 Pics)

#10 Representatives of the breed observe the golden mean in everything – the main quality that distinguishes the American Shorthair from the brethren.

These cats are sociable, but do not impose their company; they love to play, but they are not reputed to be restless fidgets. In relation to the owners, animals are very attentive but prefer to maintain subordination. The cat observes what is happening from the sidelines, is not lazy to go to the sound of its nickname, but you should not count on many hours of hugging with your pet. If desired, she herself will jump on your lap, but even in this case, the attention of the fluffy beauty will not last more than ten minutes.

#11 Do not expect lively “conversation” from your pet

American shorthair cats are not very sociable. The animal will prefer to carefully approach the owner and publish a quiet “meow” rather than start a “conversation” in the next room. This feature is more than compensated for by the lively facial expressions of the cat: its muzzle is a mirror in which all the desires and emotions of the animal are displayed. Learn to recognize these non-verbal signals: this will greatly facilitate communication with your pet!

#12 “Americans” quickly become attached to the people with whom they live.

They will get used to the owner's work schedule and will greet him with gentle meows, not a demanding "siren". In your absence, the animal will most likely curl up in a ball on soft bedding and calmly wait for its return. However, long business trips are a significant cause for feline concern. Ask relatives or friends to look after your pet: "moving" to a hotel for animals will negatively affect her psyche and general well-being.

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