Breed Review: American Shorthair (17 Pics)

#13 In inheritance from distant ancestors, these cats inherited heightened hunting instincts.

Living in a private house, American Shorthairs often present their owners with a pleasant - from their point of view - a surprise in the form of an unwary mouse or a sparrow. This is how the animal takes care of the members of its "flock", so in no case scold the pet, and in his absence, get rid of the prey caught by him.

#14 For this reason, it is not recommended to keep American Shorthair cats with decorative birds and rodents, otherwise a home safari is provided.

If it so happens that medium-sized pets have been living with you for a long time and do not plan to give up their place to anyone, try to protect them with a bell on the neck of your graceful hunter.

As for the cohabitation of "Americans" with dogs, it takes place in a fairly peaceful environment. Yes, they may not become best friends, but they will not enter into constant skirmishes over the territory and attention of the owner.

#15 Thanks to their calm and friendly nature, the representatives of the breed perfectly take root in families with children.

These cats are condescending to the pranks of a child and will never use their claws when they are careless and painful poking. If the American Shorthair gets bored with children's attention, she will hide on the highest shelf of the closet and hold her breath. For this reason, many cat owners "lose" their pets and do not even think to look in search of them on the mezzanine.

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