Breed Review: American Shorthair (17 Pics)

#16 If you like an obedient and quiet pet, be sure to pay attention to the American Shorthair cat.

Representatives of this breed will not make a pogrom in the absence of the owner, they will not demand a tidbit during dinner, or even worse! - to steal it from the table. "Americans" are tuned in to friendly and calm communication, and this, as you know, is the best antidepressant and an extra reason to smile in response to the affectionate purr of your pet.

#17 Compared to long-haired cat breeds, “Americans” do not need careful care of their adorable fur coat.

It is enough for them to brush the coat weekly with a rubber brush or gloves with silicone growths. During seasonal molting, you need to repeat the procedure every day to keep your pet looking tidy. American Shorthair cats do not like to take a bath and are also quite clean, so refrain from frequent bathing. You can use a damp cloth to brush away small specks of dust. A piece of suede will help to apply a healthy and eye-pleasing shine to the coat.

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