Breed Review: Australian Terrier (15 Pics)

#7 The Australian Terrier breed has a very open and playful nature, which makes the life of others more interesting – there is no doubt about it.

However, the mood of the dog is directly related to the mood of the owners, since this breed is extremely attached to its owners. That is, she is so attached that she takes over the state of mind of loved ones. If you are happy, the dog will be happy with you, but if you are sad, he will share the sadness with you, peacefully lying next to you on the couch. And he will not get out of his flighty behavior at the wrong moment - except occasionally.

#8 The Australian Terrier is a breed that loves play, fun, entertainment and all kinds of activities in general.

In fact, activity does not have to consist of games, because if you live in a private house, the dog will definitely try to hunt rats, dig a hole in the yard or dig a wormhole, even trying to get to its owner. So the perfect lawn or a fresh patch is always under threat.

#9 In general, any small animals and even cats (and sometimes cats in particular) make the Australian Terrier want to hunt them.

Moreover, if you teach your dog to have a cat in the house, then all other cats - that is, neighbors or homeless, street ones, will still remain enemies. The tendency to hunt various small animals can be weaned off, but this should be done from an early age.

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