Breed Review: Australian Terrier (15 Pics)

#10 The dominant personality traits make the dog a little very funny, playful and always ready for fun.

The breed has a certain subconscious attraction to the disabled, the elderly, and children, which makes it an excellent companion for these groups of people. However, small children need to be careful, as the Australian Terrier has some edge of patience, and if the child steps over it, the dog will not tolerate it. On the other hand, for a child, it is a wonderful companion for games and entertainment, a best friend, and a loyal companion.

#11 The Australian Terrier is always eager to be actively involved in the day to day activities of his family, and loves to poke his cold little nose everywhere and everywhere.

Despite the fact that the dog loves to fool around, be in the spotlight and sometimes even behave frankly stupid, nevertheless, their intellect is quite developed, they perfectly understand a person and can learn a lot of commands. This makes them good companions for people with disabilities and the elderly.

#12 When walking, you need to be on the lookout, as the pet may try to attack larger dogs, although usually the attack continues until the first fright.

The Australian Terrier breed needs education and training, as well as socialization. And they are happy to teach commands, however, you will also need to pay attention to obedience and undo commands so that you can, for example, silence the dog at the right time, or stop when it tries to bark at a large dog in the park or a stranger. ...

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