Breed Review: Balinese Cat (16 Pics)

The Balinese cat is the closest relative of the Siamese with a semi-long smooth coat, blue eyes, and pointed body color. She is sociable, playful, has a friendly character.

#1 The Balinese cat is an example of good nature and philanthropy, dressed in a silky “fur coat”, complemented by a stylish Siamese mask.

As you bring this playful chatter into your home, be prepared for the concept of personal space to simply cease to exist for you. Now the place at the master's feet will be permanently occupied by a purring friend, who insistently requires the owner to participate in his funny tricks. The breed also does not hold intelligence, so from time to time its representative will invent something for which it is difficult to find an explanation. In general, you will not be bored with Balinese - this is a fact!

#2 Surprisingly, the Balinese have existed ever since their closest relatives, the Siamese, formed into an independent breed.

For decades, Siamese cats have brought kittens with long hair, and even a careful selection of producers did not help to completely eliminate this phenomenon. Of course, long-haired babies were immediately discarded, floated by indiscriminate cat lovers, until one day the "wrong" Siamese had fans among the breeders. Eventually, by 1929, US clubs began to discreetly register Balinese cats.

#3 The breeders Marion Dorsey, Helen Smith and Sylvia Holland became the pioneers who “knocked out” the registration of the breed in the international felinological systems.

Not to say that the path to standardization was simple - the formation of a single exterior of the Balinese turned into a real problem since, in the middle of the 20th century, Siamese cats were very different. So, for example, for a long time, the breed existed in two equivalent types - individuals with a round apple-shaped skull and animals with elongated marten muzzles. For some time, limnologists have been actively adjusting the look of Balinese to both of these varieties. However, already in 1958 Siamese received a new standard of appearance, which recognized only animals with elongated heads as correct, so the breeders of Balinese cats had to "change their shoes on the go." In particular, a new Balinese type was created, which had a more pronounced similarity with the Siamese relatives.

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