Breed Review: Balinese Cat (16 Pics)

#4 In 1970, the Balinese cat breed was recognized by the CFA and TICA commissions.

Moreover, the first association allowed into breeding exclusively animals of chocolate, forces, blue, and lilac point colors. Two years later, the Balinese were included in their lists and FIFe specialists. As for interbreeding mating, for a long time, Balinese cats were only allowed to mate with Siamese. Then an exception was made to the rule, allowing the breed to be crossed with Oriental and Javanese. True, by 2013 the experiment was closed.

#5 Balinez is an ultra-communicative cat, aimed at establishing friendly relations with a person.

For the insatiable desire to be constantly present in the life of the owner, the purr is often called boomerangs - in whatever part of the apartment you leave the pet, you can be sure that in a couple of seconds it will sit next to you. "Loneliness in bed" after the appearance in the house of the Balinese cat is also not threatened. A purring heating pad will protect the master's sleep throughout the night. Moreover, settling down nearby is not the only acceptable option for Balinese, because you can still climb the owner's stomach, back, and even secretly try to perch on his head.

#6 Almost all Balinese cats are desperate gamers.

Rushing for a rope mouse, fiddling with a candy wrapper, wrestling with a woolen ball - the entertainment program is invented by a Balinese prankster on the go and is carried out immediately. At the same time, hurricane destruction does not occur in the apartment: the Balinese are moderately jumping, but they never reach extremes like "flying" to the closet and overturning flower pots.

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