Breed Review: Balinese Cat (16 Pics)

#7 Intellectually, the Balinese cat is one of the smartest breeds, whose representatives are able to develop whole strategies of behavior.

Well, more specifically, the Balinese are always aware of when it is better to steal a cutlet from the table and how to silently open the kitchen cabinet, which hides interesting, from a cat's point of view, contents. At the same time, pets perfectly understand the prohibitions and try to comply with them. If the cat is not allowed to terrorize the hamster, the mustachioed bully will not run into a fine, although at the first opportunity he will quietly lick the rodent or lose his paw.

#8 In general, the breed is friendly to the representatives of the domestic fauna – Balinese cats do not fight with fellow tribesmen and do not share spheres of influence with dogs.

Kotofei also expresses their affection for a person in different ways, since the division of family members into “favorites” and “those who need to be tolerated” is very developed in the purr. It is easy to guess which of the household members the Balinese loves the most. It is for this comrade that the pet will faithfully wait from work, dancing in front of the door, while the object of feline worship is behind it.

#9 In moments of relaxation, Balinese cats are not averse to whispering with their owner.

Pets love to turn on the "purr", sitting under the side and on the owner's lap, quietly vibrating in time with the whole body. Periodically, the "sound" is set at full volume - usually in those cases when the cat begs or is excited about something. By the way, this is one of those rare breeds whose representatives are not attached to the housing, but to its inhabitants. So you can safely go with Balinese on a trip around the world or start a move: the main thing for a cat is to have the one he loves nearby.

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