Breed Review: Balinese Cat (16 Pics)

#10 The high level of intelligence inherent in the breed greatly simplifies the learning process of its representatives.

Balinese quickly socialize, easily adapting to changing living conditions, and master new material well. Experienced breeders recommend talking to the kitten as much as possible, explaining any actions - this approach works much better than dry commands. By the way, about commands: Balinese are so smart that they are able to recognize the meaning of more complex calls than the banal "kitty-kitty". For example, almost all pets know their own names and respond to them. Moreover, some cats agree to memorize up to three different nicknames and respond to each, which is considered almost a unique phenomenon.

#11 Balinese cats are malleable and willingly absorb the information presented by the owner.

With them, it is easy to learn playful tricks and play sports. In particular, the breed shows good results in feline agility, which it perceives as a fun game. So if you come across a pet with a defect that does not allow you to be registered at breed shows, such competitions will be an excellent alternative to performances in the ring, because not only purebred and show pets, but also any healthy cat can participate in them.

#12 Balinese are excellent psychologists who masterfully read the emotions of the owner, so their habits are easier to correct.

For example, cats quickly get used to all sorts of restrictions and try to follow them as much as possible. For the same reason, it makes no sense to apply serious punishments to Balinese fuzzies. Better to take a four-legged bully for fear. The cat climbed onto the table - sneak around the corner and spray it with water from a flower spray. Balinese got into the habit of sharpening his claws on your favorite chair - treat the fabric with lemon or orange essential oil so that the smell disgusts your pet.

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