Breed Review: Balinese Cat (16 Pics)

#13 Vaccination of a kitten’s norms of behavior, always remember about the characteristics of the character and habits of the breed

For example, if a pet has made its toilet in a place not intended for this, do not punish him, but check the litter box first. Balinese cats are perfectionists in matters of cleanliness and will not relieve themselves of stale litter a second time. It is pointless to scold this animal and try to retrain it, so either clean the tray after each such "trip" or give up the dream of owning Balinese.

#14 Balinese are thermophilic and easily catch colds, so place the couch in the part of the apartment that is least susceptible to drafts.

In the cold season, it is advisable not to let the cat out into the street, but in the spring and summer, it is better not to refuse to walk the animal, especially since the breed perceives the harness adequately. And please, no free walking - the protective instincts of decorative Balinese are muffled, so in a force majeure situation, the animal will simply get confused and, most likely, die.

#15 The semi-long coat of Balinese cats requires regular, but uncomplicated grooming.

Due to the absence of undercoats, the "fur coats" of animals do not fall off and do not form tangled lumps. At the same time, seasonal molting is inevitable, so with the beginning of spring and autumn, you will have to comb your coat daily. The rest of the time, enough "preventive" combing with a frequency of 1-2 times a week. The Balinese cat should be washed as needed, approximately every three months or six months. The breed is wary of any water "attractions", so it is very likely that one more person will have to be involved in the process. It is better to dry the wool with a towel: a hairdryer dries out the soft hair of a cat,  coarsening its structure.

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