Breed Review: Balinese Cat (16 Pics)

#16 Teeth and oral cavity are considered the weak point of the breed, so it is extremely important to monitor their hygiene.

It is advisable to brush your teeth every 2-3 days. If there is not enough time or your pet stubbornly resists this procedure, try to set aside time for mouth cleaning at least once a week. Keep your cat's eyes and ears clean. Everything is standard here: for the hygiene of the ear funnel, use special drops or powder and cotton pads; for eye cleansing - a clean, lint-free cloth, as well as a calendula-based lotion, a weak solution of potassium permanganate, chamomile broth, saline or chlorhexidine at a concentration of 0.01% to choose from. If your eyes look healthy and you just need to remove dry crusts from them, boiled or distilled water and a clean cloth are enough.

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