Breed Review: Basenji (22 Pics)

#4 The main feature of Basenji is that such dogs never bark, expressing their emotions by rumbling and howling.

#5 Also an interesting fact is that the breed was not bred artificially, it was formed in its natural environment.

#6 There are 2 varieties of the breed: forest and plain. External features of a Basenji dog by standard:

growth - up to 43 cm;

bodyweight - 10-11 kg;

strong body, well-developed muscles;

a small triangular head with a wide forehead;

fleshy lips adjacent to the jaws;

wide-set almond-shaped eyes;

erect, triangular ears, slightly tilted forward;

neck medium in length and thickness, muscular and strong;

straight long legs with powerful joints;

ring-shaped tail;

short coarse hair, densely covering the whole body.

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