Breed Review: Basset Hound (16 Pics)

#7 The Basset Hound, despite its amusing, emphatically awkward appearance, is still a dodger, both in terms of physiology and intellectual indicators.

Proud and proud, he not only painfully reacts to criticism and infringement of personal rights, but is also able to develop and then put into action a plan of small revenge on the one who angered him, so if one day you find a suspicious stain or a bunch on your favorite carpet, do not rush to be indignant ... It is quite possible that the Basset Hound put a pig on you at the expense of yesterday's resentment.

#8 Representatives of this breed have their own views on life, which does not prevent them from being on good terms with the owners.

Don't look at the sad face forever glued to the dog's face. Inside the Basset Hound, the creatures are sociable and very cheerful. For example, at home, a dog behaves like a typical sybarite: it stuffs its stomach with sweets until it swells like a bubble, rolls around on sofas, wrapped in its ears, and hangs around near its master's legs in anticipation of affection. In general, with all his appearance he shows that he knows a lot about pleasures.

#9 As befits a real hound, the Basset Hound is absolutely not aggressive.

Of course, if you try, you can unbalance any dog, but in general, the breed will not grumble and bite. Moreover, the Basset Hound is able to tolerate a number of other dogs and, much less often, cats. Naturally, no one will oblige to transfer patience to all animals, without exception, a basset. But if you introduce the "eared" with the rest of the domestic fauna in advance, he will not terrorize them either.

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