Breed Review: Basset Hound (16 Pics)

#13 The best incentives for working with Basset Hounds have been and still are delicious rewards.

The main thing is to skillfully play on the breed's tendency to gluttony and not overdo it. It is advisable not to use negative reinforcements at all. Do not forget that the Basset Hound is touchy and will certainly respond to the infringement of personal rights with some kind of harm. However, if the animal persists and deliberately fouls, it is not forbidden to slightly slap it with a twig. A traditional rolled-up newspaper is not an option, bassets are literally thick-skinned creatures.

#14 The length of the lessons for the breed should be kept to a minimum.

The maximum that the Basset Hound can tolerate is 10 minutes, after which the dog will need an emotional "reset". In addition to standard training, Basset Hounds are taught to put up with forced loneliness. A pet left in an apartment for an hour or two should not frighten neighbors and passers-by with “opera arias”. It is clear that it will not work to achieve one hundred percent silence with this breed, but it is really possible to reduce its talkativeness. From the first days after moving to a permanent place of residence, wean the puppy from "collecting" the master's things, which is something like a hobby for the Basset Hounds. Remove all shoes from the eared prankster, even if they are old and it is high time to throw them away. Do not forget, the animal does not see the difference between worn-out flip-flops and just bought Nike, so it gnaws at them with the same passion.

#15 Unlike its French ancestors, today’s Basset Hound is not well suited for life in the yard, so its place is in the house.

Special conditions for keeping a dog are not required, so you will have to buy for it all those household items that are for any apartment breed, that is, a bed bowls for food and water, toys, a tray, a leash, a collar, and other accessories.

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