Breed Review: Bearded Collie (16 Pics)

#13 It is necessary to accustom the pet to the procedures in childhood, then in adulthood there will be no problems with combing. The beard deserves special attention.

It gets dirty while eating, so you need to regularly rinse it with water and comb it. Veterinarians recommend rubbing your eyes and ears once a week and collecting strands of hair in a bun before your eyes.

There is no particular hassle with leaving. The only thing is that during the shedding period your carpet will be decorated with long hairs of wool. And they shed quite hard, so think carefully about whether you are ready to put up with such a nuisance. Allergy sufferers, unfortunately, will have to choose another breed, less woolly.

#14 The quality of nutrition directly affects the condition of the coat and the body as a whole, and this issue should be approached responsibly.

You need to decide whether it will be natural or dry food. Given the variety of feeds, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian.

It is necessary to choose the feed of premium and super-premium classes. Before feeding your pet the chosen food, carefully study the daily allowance, as well as the restrictions on weight and age.

If you decide to choose natural food, there are some rules to remember. The diet should consist of meat (at least a third of the daily diet), porridge, vegetables, dairy products. Everything must be stewed or boiled. The dog's stomach reacts hard to fried food. Sweets are also contraindicated, although they are still those with a sweet tooth.

#15 You need to buy bearded collie puppies in proven kennels.

Acquiring a puppy from unknown people is fraught with a number of problems: the baby may be sick, have an unstable psyche, or be a crossbreed.

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